All Clear Pool and Spa Service


Weekly Maintenance Package includes: 

Our weekly cleaning services are one of our most valued services to our customers. Every week, we will perform the following services:

  • Test and adjust chemicals to proper levels.
  • Clean and remove surface debris
  • Brush pool tile and connected spa if needed
  • Clean and remove debris from pool cleaner and empty bag
  • Empty skimmer baskets and filters
  • Vacuum the pool as needed
  • Check your filter’s pressure, backwash filter, and add Diatomaceous Earth
  • Inspect all exterior equipment for proper operation; note any leaks or possible issues.

Salt Pools are maintained weekly as well and may require bags of salt to be added periodically to stay at the required levels.

Monthly service price is determined by size, location and agriculture surrounding the pool.

Filter Clean

Like your car, your pool and spa filter requires regularly scheduled maintentace in order to keep it operating normally. This is generally suggested 2 times a year for an additional cost.

Acid Wash

Acid washing a pool does a few things, it is a good idea to change the water in your swimming pool periodically due to usage, total dissolved solids, and bacteria. When a pool is acid washed, the acid removes the fine layer of dirt and calcium that builds up over time as well as a thin layer of plaster to reveal new plaster underneath. An acid wash consists of first draining the water from the pool, then our  acid washing solution of three different agents are mixed together to:

  • Strip the copper stains 
  • Strip the cobalt stains 
  • Strip the calcium from the plaster surface
  • Pool is also sanded to give a smooth and even  texture


The "Clear-Up"

A one time clean-up at an additional cost.
This service will refresh your pool before any back yard BBQ, birthday party or special celebration. Your guests will be ready to make a splash!!! 


Equipment Repair or Replacement 

  • All above ground equipment

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